Some of the totally free applications you can integrate into your classroom and/or your life today!

Just sign up at each site. You will need an email address, and can get one free at Gmail.

Free email account for teachers.
Free email accounts for students.
Gathers all your IM accounts in one place. I have contacts in AIM, MSN, & Yahoo. With Meebo, I see them all. Students contact me through Meebo outside of school.
This is the home of our school based blogs.
A free notetaking application which is useful for research papers.
Podcast host which we use. They do have their own recorders, but we do use Audacity, then upload to this site. The primary wing does not have wireless, so this works well for us.
The wiki home for most of our student wikis. I have found that each middle school group needs their own wiki for uploading space (they need those images).
Home for my wikis and a few student-accessed wikis. They prefer the PBwikis and I prefer the wikispaces. Wikispaces does have advertisements.
Google Reader
My RSS aggregator, which collects all my subscriptions in one place. I can quickly scroll through blog updates, grade student work, and listen to podcasts.
Conferencing software similar to Elluminate. Uses video and audio to connect participants for free.
Free audio editing software which uses the llame file to export to mp3's.
Social network allows 140 characters per message. Great for short posts and/or questions.
Free VOIP, voice over IP, allows connections with text chat, audio, or video.
A great place to find and post video.
The Christian response to Youtube.