So why integrate technology? Why bother? Best practice in k12 education occurs when technology is seamlessly integrated into all classes.
Because Vgotsky 'discovered' that learning is social. We build communities of learners. We can now use Web2.0 tools to integrate technology into every classroom. The software to do this is 100% free.
Technology is integral to 21st century learning. We cannot separate that, yet in schools we are still separating out the technology. [From Guhlin, M. (2007, November 2) TechForum Conference in Austin Texas, USA. Retrieved November 2, 2007 from,LFGo3K8zFhmfa3x2z1KUZHp]

88% of kids who dropout cite being bored but have passing grades.
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Instead of integrating technology, we must INTEGRATE LITERACY.
Hokanson, K (2007, June 26). Constructivist Teaching With Technology: Learning With Laptops.. Retrieved November 3, 2007, from the Connected Classroom Web site:

Karl Fisch's 2020 Vision

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